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Digestive Health

Studies have show that the Gut contributes to 90% of your immune system while also aiding in hormone production. If your gut Microbiome is damaged or unbalanced it can lead to a multitude of health issues both physically and mentally. By using the best of functional medicine supplements we can rebalance the gut, seal the gut lining, and improve over all digestion.

Sleep Issues/ Chronic Fatigue

Sleep is our bodies super power, when were asleep our body begins to repair all of the damage that we've taken throughout the day and clean itself out. When our body can't do this it begins to affect our daily lives. Through bio regulatory medicine we can rebalance the body and help get back the good nights that's needed to keep you going.


Hormone Regulation

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that travels through the blood to specific tissues telling them to do a job. When these Chemical pathways become unbalanced it can spell disaster for may areas of your health and quality of life. We use a variety of different supplements to naturally get the body back into balance, and stimulate your body's own ability to produce the hormones needed. 

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