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Private Concierge Practice

Pricing: Please Contact


Our goal is to help you lead the life you always wanted.

If that means helping you lose weight, get well, increase energy, sleep better, conquer your digestive issues, or just improve overall well-being we're happy to help!

The concierge practice represents what we believe to be the highest level of care. It’s the level of care and respect we believe all people deserve. As a result this is the format every new wellness client will experience:



  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (by Skype/Zoom/phone)

    • Health history intake

    • Education on how you got here and how to heal

    • Functional Medicine Lab recommendations

    • Initial recommendations to begin on

  • Individualized Functional Medicine (FM) labs shipped directly to you (additional fee)

  • Email & phone support on setting up your consultation & labs

  • Concierge VIP scheduling for preferred times

  • Unlimited email support 




  • Review of your Functional Medicine labs 

  • Design of your Custom Wellness Program 

  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (Skype/phone) 

  • Review & Explanation of your FM Lab results (root cause imbalances)

  • Review of your Custom Wellness Program

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Once a week email progress report check-in & questions with Health Coaches




    • A selection of the best foods for you

    • Sample meal plan template

    • Grocery food shopping guide

    • Personalized detoxification protocols

    • Recommended sleep protocols

    • Stress reduction techniques

    • Exercise recommendations

    • Individualized nutritional supplement protocol

    • Time-lines and progress reports

    • Personalized nutritional supplement recommendations



  • Weekly email support

  • Once a week progress report 

  • Updates to your Wellness Plan as needed

  • Resources to the best products for your needs

  • 25-30 Minute follow-up consultation for more in-depth support




As you can see from the program above, there is simply nothing that compares to the step-by-step care that we provide. We will be with you every step of the way on your healing journey.

Plus, after your initial 12 weeks, if your practitioner and you feel that it would be beneficial to continue to work together to deepen your health, you will be invited  to continue on as a private client for ongoing monthly support, recommendations, wellness plan updates, progress reports, lab re-testing, and much more. (Note: This is by invite only, your practitioner will speak with you about all the exclusive benefits if applicable.)

Besides the life-changing results our private clients get, most people enjoy knowing they can contact their Health Coach whenever they want to get the answers they can trust.




Although you are welcome to opt for individual consultations, those calls do not come with your own Custom Wellness Program or ongoing follow-up support.

Instead, one-off individual consults are meant to include answers to your questions and personal recommendations on what lab may be the best to run, or an interpretation from an educational standpoint on what a lab you previously ran may mean.




The concierge health practice as stated above is a minimum of 3 months at $180 per month to work with us. 

The $180 per month includes all consultations and ongoing support for those 12 weeks. This fee does not include the cost of labs, nutritional supplements, food, or any other products recommended in your Custom Wellness Program.

After the initial 3-months, we will decide how often you’d like to meet for ongoing support. Follow-up appointments with health coaches are $180 for 60-minutes and $90 for 30-minutes.




Functional Medicine labs range from $99-$490 each depending on the lab. 

There is no obligation to run any labs if you prefer not to, we can still create a plan just for you based on your health intake, unique story, symptoms or previous lab results.




Nutritional supplements typically come out to be about $8-12 per day. This does include a $2-3 all-in-one breakfast shake that may possibly take the place of your current breakfast expense.

There is also no obligation to purchase supplements, but it is incredibly difficult to heal by food alone (initially) due to the fact that most people come in with weakened digestive and absorptive capacity.

There are no other costs besides labs and nutritional supplements.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing and click the link below to apply today

I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals!

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